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Bright Data, or previously called Luminati is among the biggest proxy selling organizations which has been on the internet, selling high-quality proxy servers for a long period of. They sell residential proxies, as well as Datacentre proxy services.

The choices offered through Bright Data (formerly Luminati) are varied and you can create your own proxy solution that will meet your specific needs. Bright Data offers a very user-friendly website interface as well as a user-friendly environment.

They not only make their proxy packages easy and diverse They are also offering 195 locations across the globe. The proxies they offer are compatible with the Socks5 Protocol which provides an additional layer of security for the proxy.


Presently, they are offering the following services on their website

  • Sharing Proxies from Datacentre
  • Datacentre Private Proxies
  • residential proxy servers

Bright Data Details Users Rating Review by Users

dedicated Proxy Yes
Socks5 Proxy Yes
Residential Proxy Yes
Speed 1000Mbps
Multiple Cities Yes
Multiple Subnets Yes
Bandwidth Limited
Uptime 99.9 percent
Non-Sequent IP’s Yes
Customer Care 24/7 Live Help Live Chat

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They are currently providing three packages on their website, namely Residential Proxies , Private Datacentre Proxies , and Shared Datacentre Proxies. They also have a different page for differently categorized Residential Proxies for Instagram, Craigslist, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

If you’d like to make use of these proxies for particular reasons or want to use them on the sites mentioned above, you may use these proxies. They offer proxy services that are targeted more toward the online marketer and data scrapers by providing private and shared proxies to help you get the most effective marketing.

They offer efficient and reliable servers with a maximum speed of 1000 MB/s and top-quality security, all for a reasonable price.

Bright Data (formerly Luminati) offers both Residential Proxies and Datacentre proxies. The Residential proxies they offer are rotating proxy servers whose IP addresses keep changing every time they are used for a recurring period. The IP addresses they select are by an IP pool made up of 72 million IP’s. They also offer specific proxy addresses for Instagram Scraping, Craigslist, and Various other uses!

Residential proxy are more secure and safe than standard datacenter proxies, and are more costly as well. Residential proxies are equipped with an IP address assigned to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to the resident. Most residential proxies are mostly rotating proxy servers. The IP addresses will keep changing after a brief period and never remains the same. This is why the proxy IP is not traceable in the back of you.

The address for the proxies that rotate offered by Bright Data changes after every subsequent connection. This gives you greater safety and protection for your online identity, and less chance of having your IP blacklisted since there isn’t a single IP address.

Bright Data (formerly Luminati) offers Residential and Datacentre proxy services. Even though the price of the proxy services offered through Bright Data is nowhere near affordable, the top quality and performance of their proxies are excellent, and that’s why they are among the best residential Proxy selling companies on the marketplace!

Bright Data (formerly Luminati) provides both kinds of proxy authorization: password/username authentication, as well as IP authorization . This is excellent as it allows you to add IP addresses to the whitelist that you would like to connect to your proxies , as well as you can use usernames and password to gain access to your proxies, too. So you’ll be able access your proxies regardless of situation.

Bright Data (formerly Luminati) offers datacentres in over 195 locations across the world , with eight major cities in the world. The datacentres are spread across a large map, which provides clients with a wide and various options for selecting the most appropriate place to host their proxies.

Brilliant Data Benefits

Bright Data is one of the top proxy selling companies online. They’ve been selling top-quality proxy products to millions of clients all over the world, offering exceptional quality of service and excellent quality. Bright Data has slowly expanded its business to become one of the largest proxy selling companies on the internet . It has certainly earned its place top of the Hall of Fame of Proxy selling businesses online!

These are the benefits you can enjoy when using the proxies offered by Bright Data.

Flexible Service

Bright Data is one of the most flexible companies selling proxy services online. Though they’ve only listed three kinds of packages on their site, the packages are extremely customizable and can be shaped into any kind of package you want.They offer a wide range of different combinations of proxy packages that you can select from. This way, you can select the right proxy for you.

You can select the bandwidth limit you would like to select and the number of IP’s you would like as well as whether you’d like residential or mobile IP’s. There are also the low-cost Datacentre proxy services that are available in Shared Proxies as well Private Proxies.

Each of these features contributes to the versatility that the service. You are able to choose an alternative combinations of each feature to make a completely new proxy service for your needs!

Many Sites

Bright Data provides a long list of their proxy servers. They provide proxies to more than 192 countries, which means they have datacenters around the world, and almost all over the globe.

This extensive list of locations around the globe provides clients with an increased possibility of choosing the ideal place to host their proxies. If you’re searching for specific locations to place your proxy, Bright Data should be your first choice!

Below are a few places offered from Bright Data (formerly Luminati).


Residential Proxy Provider

The greatest feature of Bright Data is that they offer both Datacenter proxy services as well as Residential Proxies. However, we will only talk about Residential proxies because they are among the most significant kinds of proxies available on the internet. They are not only legitimate, but also more secure and safe than the typical datacenter proxies.

Residential Proxies are safer and more secure than datacenter proxy. Most residential proxies have a rotating. That means the address for your residential proxy changes after each regular period and your IP remains the same. Residential proxy servers have an IP address that is the resident, which is given via the Authentic ISP. This signifies that the Residential proxy are genuine and are suitable to use for data Scraping as well as social media advertising. Bright Data (formerly Luminati) provides high-quality Residential Proxies at an expensive price.

Proxy Packages

Bright Data provides three different kinds of Proxy packages on their website. As we have mentioned, these proxy packages are extremely customizable. To make the process easier, we will detail the options available on their website in the following manner ;

Shared Proxies for Datacentres

Traffic Cost Per GB Targets Price per Month
2GB $0.5 Unlimited $1
10GB $0.5 Unlimited $5
50GB $0.5 Unlimited $25
100GB $0.5 Unlimited $50
500GB $0.5 Unlimited $250
1,000 GB $0.5 Unlimited $500

Special Datacentre Proxies

IP’s Price Per IP Bandwidth Price Per Month
50 IP’s $0.6 Unlimited $55
100 IP’s $0.6 Unlimited $110
500 IP’s $0.6 Unlimited $550
1,000 IP’s $0.6 Unlimited $1,100
5000 IP’s $0.6 Unlimited $5,500
1000 IP’s $0.6 Unlimited $11,000

residential proxy servers

The Residential Proxies includes a seven-day trial period for no cost. However, it is only available to registered business and not an individual.

IP Type IP’s Bandwidth Price Per Month
dedicated 10 40GB $505
dedicated 50 40GB $525
dedicated 100 40GB $550
dedicated 500 40GB $750

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Autorization, IP Refresh and Authorization

Bright Data, like all the other excellent proxy selling companies on the web, offers two types of authentication for their proxy servers. They offer the top residential proxy that has two types of authorization methods in place. You can utilize either method of authorization in order to connect to your proxies anywhere in the world with ease. Here are the authentication options offered by Bright Data.

  • IP authentication

  • Username/Password Authentication

Utilizing both authorization methods available can assist you access your proxies faster, and providing better security to your own proxy servers. You can select the one that is most suitable for you.

Furthermore, Bright Data comes with the possibility of refreshing your proxies each month. This gives you more quality proxy service and better administration as you are able to refresh your proxies each month easily.

Return Policy, Customer Support and Refund Policies

Bright Data Provides a 7-day trial period for purchasing Residential Proxies from their website. The trial period is only accessible for Residential Proxies. A week-long trial could help users figure out if the proxy services that are offered through Bright Data fulfill all of the specifications.

They are not just one of the top proxy services on the web however, their customer service is also highly praised. They offer a ticket support system. If you have questions regarding their website or their proxy servers you can send an email and they’ll respond within 10 minutes. Additionally, they offer an option to live chat which allows you to chat directly with their client service agents.

When you purchase Residential Proxies from Bright Data Bright Data, you are given A Dedicated Customer that is comprised of a team that is solely responsible for handling your inquiries. You can reach them at any time This means that you get an exclusive customer support service through the site itself.

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Bright Data Disadvantages

Limited Bandwidth

Being able to use unlimited bandwidth in proxy services is among the greatest features the proxy has. Bright Data doesn’t offer unlimited bandwidth with their proxy packages. They offer a certain amount of bandwidth, after which you must pay for any additional bandwidth you require through Bright Data.

High-priced proxy servers

In case you didn’t notice that the prices of proxy services offered from Bright Data are quite high and are not at a reasonable price for each individual. These proxies aren’t suggested for use by individuals, especially the Residential Proxies. that are only available to companies with corporate clients.

Do we Recommend Bright Data?

We certainly can. Bright Data has established itself as the most reputable firm on the web for proxies and other services.

They have definitely built their credibility on their experiences since their beginning and have since grown into a top proxy provider with data centers around the world. Bright Data should be everyone’s option when purchasing Residential Proxies.

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