Connecteam – The Ultimate Employee Management Tool Review

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What Exactly is Connecteam?

Connecteam provides an effective employee-management tool that lets you track the hours worked by employees on your staff. With its simple-to-use employees time-clock, it is possible to keep track of the hours that employees spend on tasks, projects clients, projects, and other projects your employees devote time working on. With this more efficient and faster productive system, you will be able to eliminate common workplace management issues like buddy-punching as well as time padding. Connecteam’s features package includes real-time communication between your colleagues via chats, updates and alerts. It allows you to bring together your human resources from all over the world in one application and allows the software to automate your talent management and give employees greater flexibility, mobility and task-specific capabilities. Additionally, the software can help improve employee productivity as well as improve monitoring of employees and allows you to easily monitor output and real-time locations of your employees during working hours.

Overview of Connecteam

Connecteam allows you to create an employee-specific app that all employees particularly those who are always on the move are able to connect, communicate and collaborate with ease and speed. Making a native app from scratch is simple and quick and can be accomplished in just 15 minutes. When your app is completed and ready to go live, you are able to immediately engage your deskless employees at any time, from anywhere with the mobile phones. With your deskless employees fully connected and engaged to each other, their productivity is significantly improved.

Because Connecteam consolidates all your business operations , as well as the training you provide, it allows you to will save an enormous amount of money because the apps that you use for your employees are native to them and decrease the cost of operations. It is possible to put your skill development and training material on the app , and let employees access them at any time they want to.

It is possible to turn the native app into your central location where you are able to oversee not just your desk-less employees and teams but also the entire business. Access to data and analytics in real-time providing you with an accurate view of your company’s operations and allows you to make crucial business decisions, make improvements to areas that need focus, and much more.

Native apps made using Connecteam can be customized to meet your specific business requirements and needs. You have complete control of the app and you can modify it to a degree which improves your productivity, collaboration, communications and other things.

The primary benefits of Connecteam is the employee time clock and productivity monitoring, real-time employee communications and crucial workforce insight.

Time Clock for Employees

With Connecteam You’ll be able to have in the fingertips of your fingers all the live reporting you require. You can track the hours of your employees and monitor the amount of time they devote to specific tasks. Geofencing is a feature that once your employee is logged in, you’ll be aware of the time they are at work, the location they work from and what they are doing at the moment. With the seamless integration of timesheets of employees, payroll, and invoicing is not only more accurate , but also extremely simple.

Real-time Employee Communications

Connecteam is an scheduling program that was created not just for monitoring in mind, but also communications too. With features like checklists, messages, and even training, businesses can be sure that their mobile teams have the ability to communicate information and coordinate at any time. To stay informed about the status of assignments and projects it is possible to use one-on-one chat functions or group updates distributed to all team members. It is possible to call your colleagues directly from the app as well as create polls and surveys about meetings or plans for actions.

Effective Workforce Insights for the Workforce

The same tools used for communication can be used to gain substantial insights on employee’s mood pulses. The dashboard for administrators gives you all the tools needed to monitor and monitor every activity happening through the application for improved decision-making. It is possible to manage the workforce using the app to assign the work schedule and project the workload. Connecteam can help businesses tackle the typical human resource problems and keep employees motivated and satisfied, and operating at the top efficiency levels.

Vendor Information

  • Company: Connecteam
  • Website:
  • In 2015, the company was founded.
  • The country of birth: United States of America

Connecteam Key Features

Mobile Time Tracking

Automate time tracking using the application for mobile time keeping. There is no need for instruction due to the simple user interface.

Employee Scheduling

Reduce the workload of your HR team and make the payroll calculation process. It is possible to streamline the timesheets and approval processes. The short actions and the visual flags will highlight daily limits and overtime limits, double-time auto-breaks, as well as other important information.

Electronic Forms, Checklists & Digital Forms

Create electronic checklists and forms and decrease the need for paper. Make sure your checklists are up-to-date by incorporating real-time data.

Task Management

The feature for managing tasks allows you to distribute tasks quickly without hassle. It is possible to assign tasks to your desk-less team easily and make the whole process more effective and easy to understand.

Connecteam Features Overview

  • Controls for access
  • Activity dashboard
  • Activity monitoring
  • Management of activity
  • Attendance tracking
  • Automated scheduling
  • Calendar management
  • Management of communication
  • Management of compliance
  • Contact Management
  • Reports that can be customized
  • Document management
  • Event scheduling
  • Incident management
  • Personalization
  • Reporting
  • Task plan
  • Management of workflow
  • User management
  • Management of work orders

Connecteam Pricing

Basic: $39 per month


  • Time tracking
  • Media and files can be used to communicate. options
  • Filter dates for over 30 days

Advanced: $79 per month


  • Geofence
  • Administrator and Smart Groups rights
  • Advanced filtering
  • Advanced personalization

Expert: $159 per month


  • Process automation
  • Automated limits
  • Custom-made reports
  • Customization of the on-boarding process

Enterprise: Custom pricing

Connecteam Pros and Cons


  • The platform is extremely intuitive and very simple to utilize.
  • The tool comes with many useful features that will save you time.
  • Service for customers is quick and answers all questions quickly.
  • Great possibilities for customization
  • These features will guarantee that you will not rely on paper for the majority of your operations.



  • The style of the reports are not suitable for all clients.
  • The feature-set is limited.
  • The features that are advanced are available to subscribers with premium subscriptions.
  • There is some delay in notifications
  • The time, scheduling and attendance functions need to be enhanced.


Connecteam Integrations

  • Quickbooks Online

Connecteam Specifications

Free Trial: Yes

Free Version: Yes


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-based

Devices supported

  • Android
  • iPad/iPhone


  • Live streaming
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Documentation

Common customers

  • Small-sized companies
  • Medium-sized companies
  • Large corporations

Languages supported

  • English

Support for Connecteam

  • Email
  • Knowledge base
  • Chat
  • FAQs
  • Support via phone

Connecteam Alternatives

  • Workzoom
  • BigChange
  • Wrike
  • Bitrix24
  • Ravetree
  • TimeWorksPlus
  • iTacit
  • Asana
  • Azeus Convene
  • Winio
  • Workfront
  • Cerri
  • Gmelius
  • Simian
  • Slenke
  • PobucaConnect
  • Knowledge Vault

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