Hostinger Review – Is It Reliable for Business Websites?

by zdiarbiz

Hostinger Reviews – Things You Should Know Before Subscribing Hostinger for Your Business

Web hosting is the backbone of building a strong online presence whether it’s for a corporate website, creating a podcast site, or starting a profitable online store. Hostinger is one of the most popular and affordable web hosting providers on the market today.Hostinger’s mission is to “make life easier for website developers and their customers”.

How? By providing an overall user-friendly experience that is reliable and fast. If you’re looking to buy web hosting, Hostinger is a strong option worth considering.

In this Hostinger review, we’ll look at Hostinger as a web hosting service provider; its features and hosting types available, pricing plus the pros and cons of the platform. By the end of this review, you’ll be able to make an informed choice as to whether Hostinger is right for you.

Brief Overview of Hostinger

So what exactly is Hostinger? Hostinger is an European, cloud-based web hosting service provider that offers fast and reliable web hosting features at budget-friendly prices. It initially started as which offered free web hosting without advertising.

Today, the company currently supports over 29 million users and averages 15,000+ new signups daily. The free web hosting service is still available but gives you free hosting on a subdomain with advertising to cover its costs.

Hostinger offers a bouquet of web hosting services including shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress Hosting, and even Minecraft hosting. The platform also has its own native drag-and-drop website builder.

Most of Hostinger’s packages come with free SSL encryption, unlimited bandwidth, free domain for a year, and email accounts along with lots of other package-specific features.

The company has state-of-the-art technology including powerful solid-state drives and high-end firewalls with responsive customer care that’s available 24/7 and can be accessed through live chats or tickets. 

Now we’ll take a look at the specifics of web hosting services provided by Hostinger.

What Web Hosting Services Does Hostinger Offer?

Hostinger has an array of web hosting services suited for all kinds of businesses and websites. All websites hosted on Hostinger will benefit from their 99.99% uptime guarantee, fast page loading times, site acceleration from caching services as well as a 30 Day money-back guarantee. 

Whether you’re starting a personal website or ecommerce site, Hostinger has affordably priced hosting with multiple features including free SSLfree managed WordPress, and email accounts.

Hostinger offers four main types of web hosting services with the option to get managed WordPress hosting on all plans if you choose WordPress as your site builder.

This simply means if your website is built on WordPress, you’ll not have to worry about updating plugins, site security, or managing content updates on the backend.

Hostinger’s tech support will handle the technical bits of managing your WordPress site on the back end so you can focus on building your site and online business.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is generally the cheapest kind of web hosting you can get. It simply means your website shares server space and resources with other websites.

Because you’re sharing resources with other sites, the costs are split between users making it the most budget-friendly option of all hosting types. However, because your site is sharing resources, your website may not be able to handle a lot of traffic or may not be fast.

Looking for the best options for shared web hosting providers? Check out our review of the best web hosting service providers.

While some web hosting providers skimp on the quality of services offered on their shared hosting plans, Hostinger offers impressive features on its Linux-based shared hosting plans.

You’ll get between 1 to 100 websites, free domain name, 100GB+ of monthly data transfers, between one to unlimited site emails, 30 – 200GB SSD storage, WordPress acceleration (using LiteSpeed cache), and GIT access depending on your pricing plan.

On Hostinger’s more advanced hosting plans you’ll get free daily backups, up to 100,000 monthly visits, unlimited databases, and a free CDN for speed. You can subscribe for 12, 24, and 48 months at a time, with steeper discounts for longer subscription periods.

Who Should Use Hostinger’s Shared Hosting?

If you’re looking for hosting that is cheap, quick, and easy, then Hostinger has the perfect shared hosting plans for you. Most advanced needs are already handled for you, so all you’ll need to do is focus on creating for and populating your website.

Hostinger’s shared hosting plans are perfect for start-ups, small businesses looking to take their brick-and-mortar store online, blogs, portfolio websites, and low traffic websites that aren’t content heavy.

Thanks to the ease of scalability with Hostinger, you can easily upgrade your hosting plan to match your business needs when your website or online business grows.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting simply uses a different kind of technology as opposed to traditional hosting. Traditional hosting uses physical servers in one location to host your website’s files.

With cloud hosting, multiple unique servers all connected to one network provide the resources to keep your site online, hence the name cloud hosting. All your website’s files and content are uploaded onto the network and made accessible to your site’s visitors.

The major benefits here are more speedreliability, and improved uptime. Because there are multiple servers (be it physical or virtual), you benefit from all their resources, including bandwidthstorage, and speed.

Your website will always stay online because it is backed up by multiple servers, hence if even one server goes down due to technical fault or error, the others servers will cover the lapse in uptime or site accessibility almost instantly.

Hostinger’s cloud hosting gives you the power and speed you need to keep your website up and running, even with traffic spikes. Its higher-end cloud hosting plans are powered by Google Cloud, meaning you’ll benefit from the power of Google’s technology.

Again, Hostinger has data centers in multiple locations including Singapore, Lithuania, Brazil, India, Netherlands, United States and the UK. That means regardless of where your site visitors are, you’re likely to find a data center that’s close to them which means better site speeds.

Other unique benefits you get on Hostinger’s cloud hosting include 300 websites, 3 – 16GB of RAM, 200 – 300GB SSD storage, 100 email accounts, free daily backups, cloudflare integration plus free domain registration. 

Who Should Use Hostinger’s Cloud Hosting?

Hostinger’s cloud hosting is ideal for medium to large websites or online businesses with high traffic. You could also subscribe during your peak season or when you expect lots of site traffic or downloads, for example during flash sales or holiday shopping periods.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the web, powering a staggering 60% of websites online. It’s most loved for being easy-to-usegreat community support, large extension and app market plus lots of free and premium themes.

Because of how popular WordPress is as a website builder, a lot of web hosting providers provide WordPress-specific web hosting. This kind of hosting is designed especially for websites built on WordPress and offers solutions specific to WordPress.

For example, as a WordPress site owner, you’ll have to regularly update plugins, extensions, and even the version of WordPress your site uses. You may also have to back up your site and check for security updates.

WordPress hosting usually includes having all these basic site maintenance tasks done for you on the backend. Most providers even offer WordPress-specific customer and tech support, meaning there are dedicated staff who are trained in offering solutions for WordPress hosting.

The biggest benefit of WordPress hosting is having dedicated support that further optimizes your WordPress site’s performance.

Hostinger’s WordPress Hosting plans provide between 30 – 200GB SSD storage, Litespeed Cache for WordPress sites, and unlimited bandwidth. Other features include free CDN, daily backups, multiple data centers, and SSH access.

The managed WordPress solution including a site set-up wizard and auto-updates plus a native WordPress Command line feature (WP-CLI).

Who Hostinger’s WordPress Hosting Suitable For?

As the name implies, Hostinger’s WordPress hosting option is for websites that are built on and supported by WordPress. This means most blogs would benefit from this option as well as agency, news, portfolio, and even ecommerce websites.

The only requirement here is that your site is built on WordPress. Since Hostinger makes the entire onboarding process easy and straightforward, this plan is also perfect for beginners and new website owners.

VPS Hosting

In shared hosting, your website shared server space and resources with other websites on one server. The biggest downside here was having to compete with other sites for speed and bandwidth, especially if your ‘neighboring site’ takes up too many resources.

The ideal solution, in this case, would be having your own dedicated server, but that can come with a hefty price tag. This is where VPS hosting provides the perfect solution.

In VPS hosting you’re given a virtual part of a bigger server, with your own specifications for RAM, storage, bandwidth, and CPU. Thus you get the same perks and benefits of having your own dedicated server but at a much lower price.

It’s like owning your own apartment in an apartment complex. Hostinger’s VPS plans offer an impressive set of features including a custom panel, up to 128GB RAM per server and 20 – 160GB SSD storage, a dedicated IP address, and up to 8 TB bandwidth.

The plan you choose is what will determine the amount of storage and bandwidth you get. Apart from these standard features, you’re assured of fast loading times (up to 100Mb/s), full root access, and IPv6 support for improved page load speed.

Hostinger also offers CyberPanel VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting.

CyberPanel VPS hosting allows you to perform tasks much faster and more efficiently using Open/LiteSpeed web servers. Also, if you have a preference for a Windows-based server, their Windows VPS hosting plans are flexible and give you a lot of options.

Who Should Use Hostinger’s VPS Hosting? 

VPS hosting is perfect for you if you need root access and total control of all your server resources. This means you can install your own operating system, work on projects that need lots of resources without having to worry about stability, speed, and uptime.

VPS hosting is ideal for large blogs, growing news sites, and website owners who already have some experience as to what their website needs. Hostinger’s VPS hosting also.

Best Features and Pros of Hostinger

Hostinger clearly has a lot to offer in terms of budget-friendly options and powerful features, but what are its strongest selling points. Why should you choose Hostinger over other web hosting service providers? Let’s look at the platform’s most outstanding features.

1. Fast Page Loading Times

Your site’s page loading time can make or break your online success. Statistics show that sites that load in under five seconds have visitors spending 70% more time on their web page, compared to sites that load in 19 seconds.

Apart from keeping your website’s visitors around for a longer period, page loading speed also directly affects your potential revenue. Conversion rates can drop by as much as 7% per 100-millisecond delay according to this Akamai report.

Hostinger does well on the page loading speed front, thanks to having data centers spread across different locations. Again, speed tests of sites hosted on Hostinger show impressively fast page loading times of up to 78ms compared to 688ms of competitors like Bluehost.

Other test results from renowned website uptime and speed testing site, Pingdom show Hostinger’s average response time from August, 2020 to March 2021 ranges between 350 – 400ms which is still quite impressive compared to most of its competitors.

Their data centers offer connections of 1000Mb/s which make for super fast connections all round. Hostinger has also invested in getting cutting-edge caching technology to further optimize page loading times.

For example, LiteSpeed cache is Hostinger’s default WordPress plugin that comes with every WordPress site builder installation which boosts your site’s Time To First Byte (TTFB) and offers NGINX caching which is even faster if you choose its cloud hosting option.

2. 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

The number one thing any web host needs to do is to help you keep your site online. This may sound counterintuitive, but it’s not unusual to find some web hosts don’t actually keep your site online always.

When your site goes offline, it hurts your Google ranking and for small businesses, any offline time could mean lost sales and potential leads. Thus uptime plays a big role in ensuring the success of your online business.

The industry standard for uptime today is 99.9%, so if your web host can’t guarantee you this uptime, it’s worth looking into another web host. Occasionally, your web host may take your site down for scheduled maintenance, but this usually shouldn’t last more than a few hours.

Hostinger does fairly well in terms of uptime as you can see from the chart above, with an overall average uptime hovering around 99.99%. Some website testing sites mention Hostinger having a total of about 7hrs downtime within a 12- month period, which is still pretty decent.

Another important thing to consider is your hosting provider’s Terms of Service (ToS) especially in reference to uptime guarantees and related compensation. Some web hosting companies are not clear on what exactly constitutes a breach of service.

For example, some providers use phrases like “reimbursements are at our discretion” meaning they can choose whether or not to pay up on any claims. Hostinger however is pretty clear on what you can expect in this regard.

They offer you 5% of your monthly subscription back in case your uptime goes below 99.9% at any given point in time.

3. High-End Privacy and Security Features

Security is a key part of running an online business. You need to make sure your website protects the details of visitors to your site as well other sensitive information that may be entered on your site especially if you handle online transactions.

Previously, Hostinger didn’t offer free SSL encryption on their site, which took away from the whole experience as most service providers offer SSL encryption for free when you sign up. Thankfully, Hostinger now offers free SSL via Let’s Encrypt!

This means any information entered on your site by your visitors will be protected. Apart from offering standard SSL encryption, Hostinger also employs a number of other technologies to protect your site from malware and cyber attacks.

It offers BitNinja protection, which is an advanced and comprehensive security tool suite on all its plans. BitNinja provides real-time protection from DDoS attacks, malware, brute force hack attempts, script injection and other potential cyber security incidents.

Apart from protecting your site, you also get an added level of email protection thanks to its SpamAssasin tool. The tool helps to filter emails and automatically removes spam.

Aside from these powerful security tools, Hostinger still offers other security features on all plans including Cloudflare protection and daily to weekly site backups. So you are assured that your website is safe with Hostinger.

4. Beginner-Friendly Interface and Custom Dashboard

Another very important factor to consider when choosing a web hosting company is how easy their dashboard is to use. This is even more important if you’re new to web hosting or aren’t tech-inclined.

While some web hosts choose to provide the standard cPanel backend, more and more hosting providers are leaning towards creating customized backends for their users. The main reason for the shift being the fact that cPanel can be a bit cumbersome for beginners.

Likewise, creating a custom dashboard can be a hit-or-miss especially if it’s not designed well or is not easy to navigate. Some web hosts are even guilty of cramming their custom dashboards with ads and upsells which can be downright irritating.

Hostinger’s backend however is quite impressive. Called the hPanel, you’ll get a clean, intuitive and user-friendly interface to use once you sign up to Hostinger. Finding any apps or elements for your site is easy because Hostinger puts all your options right in plain sight.

Hostinger adopts Microsoft’s approach here, using the tile style of icons to display everything you’ll need to run your site on the backend, including website builder option, setting up a domain, renewing your subscription and checking your account details.

Everything is nicely organized into categories that are pretty self-explanatory and intuitive. Even if you’ve never seen what the backend of a website looks like, you’ll still be able to figure out where to find what, which is key to a great UI experience.

5. Access to Zyro Website Builder

After you sign up for your web hosting account and choose a domain name, the next thing you’ll need to do is choose which website builder you’ll use for your site. WordPress is by far one of the most popular website builders supporting 450+ million users.

But for those looking for WordPress alternatives, Hostinger gives you a great alternative thanks to it’s relatively new and native website builder Zyro. Zyro is the perfect website builder for everyone from complete newbies to experienced webmasters.

The platform is designed to take you from no design to a beautiful, professional-looking site in a matter of a few clicks, no code needed. It comes with lots of pre-built templates and themes designed to suit all kinds of websites, be it blogs or online stores.

You’ll be able to create a unique and personalized looking website that stands out from the crowd with Zyro. No more cookie-cutter websites!

Apart from their easy drag-and-drop site builder, you’ll also have access to Zyro’s cutting edge A.I powered tools to help you start creating content for your new site. For example, it’s A.I heatmap feature tells which parts of your website visitors spend the most time on.

You’ll also have access to an A.I writer to help you create blog content quickerSlogan generator, Logo Maker and a large library of free photos for your site.

6. Full Suite of Email Tools and Multiple Email Accounts

One thing that often gets overlooked is the number of domain name emails you can get on your web hosting plan. Having a domain based email address like [email protected], adds instant credibility to emails you send from that email address.

For example, if you’re emailing customers or subscribers on your list receipts, invoices or digital materials like ebooks, you’ll get a better response with a custom email address. Plus you’ll not have to share your personal email or leave your website’s backend just to check emails.

It is also critical if you intend to use email marketing as part of your overall online business strategy. Most email marketing service providers don’t approve email accounts that use free emails from gmail or yahoo to sign up for their service.

Some web hosting providers tend to skimp on the number of domain email addresses or accounts you access, simply because emails can end up taking space. Hostinger however gives you unlimited email accounts, depending on the subscription plan you choose.

You can create unique domain name emails for your entire team or departments, letting visitors to your site know how best they can reach you. Other tools Hostinger offers include email forwarding, autoresponders, Spam protection using SpamAssassin and others.

You’ll even have access to email collaboration tools and better email options thanks to Hostinger’s partnership with Flock. Flock allows you to improve productivity, communicate faster and work together with teams and partners on projects.

Thanks to Hostinger’s partnership with the platform, you’ll have free access to this tool, which is available on all major platforms both for PC and mobile including Windows, Android and Mac.

7. Impressive Unlimited Features on Mid-Tier and Premium Plans

What separates one web hosting company from another is the kind of service they provide and how advanced their technology is. Some hosting providers use somewhat dated technology to provide web hosting services which severely impacts the quality of their service.

Others may save almost everything that’s a little advanced like SSL and SSH access for their premium plans which may be overpriced. With Hostinger, you’re sure to get some of these advanced yet critical features on all their plans, for example, free SSL from Let’s Encrypt.

Apart from free SSL, other impressive advanced features Hostinger offers you on their mid-tier plans include

  • Comprehensive security protection including DDoS and malware protection
  • Multiple data server locations
  • Managed WordPress on all plans
  • SSH and Git access
  • Daily to weekly backups
  • Free native site builder
  • Free domain

All the above features are available on all Hostinger’s hosting plans from shared hosting right up to cloud hosting.

8. Budget-friendly Pricing Plans Across All Hosting Types

Hostinger’s pricing plans are arguably some of the lowest on the market. Its introductory price offers are unbelievably low, going for less than a dollar per month, based on the length of the subscription period.

Of course, the prices go up when it’s time to renew which is the standard industry practice. But even the price quotes for renewal still remain pretty competitive, beating some other introductory price offers from other competitors.

Even on advanced hosting like VPS hosting, which usually costs upwards of $10 – $15 per month, Hostinger gives you options from just $3.95/month.

9. Responsive and Friendly Customer Support

One of the most important aspects of any service-based subscription is having responsive customer support. Many people and business owners who sign up for web hosting are not necessarily tech-inclined nor do they have tech support.

Thus it’s important that your web hosting provider is quickly reachable and responsive for the times when your website develops issues.

Hostinger’s customer support is not only available around the clock, but they’re engagingfun, and knowledgeable too. A quick Google search of Hostinger reviews will show lots of highl

For starters, they have support staff who speak over 20 languages so you’re sure to find a customer support rep who speaks your language. Plus they practice a system that reduces the need to refer customer issues to a higher level of support.

That means every staff member is knowledgeable enough to be able to independently solve your support issue in the shortest possible time. Plus they even include gifs and memes in their live chat which enriches the entire chat experience.

Apart from a fast and knowledgeable team, Hostinger also has a well-resourced knowledge base complete with articles and tutorials that you can help yourself with. This perfect for the times when you don’t want to go through the customer support process (although it’s pretty fast).

Drawbacks of Using Hostinger Web Hosting

Clearly, Hostinger offers a lot of amazing benefits and is a great option to consider if you’re looking to find affordable yet powerful web hosting. Nonetheless, it is not without its drawbacks.

It helps to know any potential pitfalls of the platform so you can make a well informed choice before choosing Hostinger as your platform of choice.

1. No Dedicated Hosting

Hostinger has plans for most standard web hosting types namely shared, WordPress, cloud, and VPS hosting. It even goes as far as including a unique type of hosting specifically for Minecraft.

But the biggest drawback of Hostinger is the glaring absence of dedicated server hosting. For every online business or website that is rapidly growing, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need to scale your site’s web hosting because it needs more resources.

Dedicated hosting gives your site its own dedicated server, usually made to unique specifications. It gives you complete control of your site’s resources specifically speed, storage, and root access.

This means Hostinger users who outgrow VPS and cloud hosting will have to migrate their site to another web hosting provider that provides dedicated hosting. Usually migrating a site that’s so large that it needs its own server can be tedious. This is also bad for overall scalability.

Hopefully, Hostinger includes a dedicated hosting plan in the near future to make it easy to grow with the company. If you’re interested in the best options for dedicated hosting, check out our dedicated hosting review.

2. Uptime Can Be Sketchy

Although Hostinger has a clear offer in case your site uptime drops below 99.9%, it doesn’t mean outright that it won’t drop below that. Unfortunately, in recent times Hostinger’s uptime has been unstable in recent times.

In previous times Hostinger has had a consistently high uptime, well over 99.9%. But in the last few months of 2020, it experienced some periods of downtime below that, which influenced the overall average downtime last year, bringing it up to about 23 hours in total.

That’s nearly a full day of lost revenue and leads which is not acceptable.

Between September, November, and December 2020, it’s clear Hostinger may have had some uptime issues. Hopefully, this is a one-off issue as afterward, they have had nearly 100% uptime.

3. Traditional cPanel option could still be useful

Hostinger’s simplified hPanel may be perfect for complete newbies and website owners, but for those who have previously used and are accustomed to cPanel, they may find hPanel sorely insufficient. 

cPanel is the industry standard for managing the backend of your website and gives you access to advanced settings and root access. Hostinger’s hPanel simply doesn’t match up or give the same level of control.

Hostinger Reviews FAQs

1. Is Hostinger a good web host?

A good web host provides speed using technology like caching, reliability in terms of uptime guarantees, security features like SSL encryption as well budget-friendly offerings across multiple types of hosting plans.

Hostinger’s web hosting plans come with all these features incorporated into almost all its plans. Apart from having the basic features of a good web host, you also get added perks like a free domain and managed WordPress on most plans.

Overall, Hostinger is a good web host.

2. Is Hostinger good for beginners?

Most beginners don’t know any code or have experience in dealing with technology and web-based platforms. Thus a beginner-friendly web hosting provider will have an intuitive user interface that’s easy to navigate and use.

Hostinger’s customized hPanel provides the perfect user experience for beginners, thanks to its clear and easy to navigate interface. It is pretty straightforward and eliminates any potential guesswork from running and getting your website set up.

On top of having a simple and easy to navigate panel, Hostinger also has an extremely easy-to-usedrag-and-drop website builder that will have your website up and running in a few clicks.

3. Is Hostinger a secure web hosting option?

Hostinger is one of the most secure web hosting providers, thanks not only to its free SSL encryption but it also uses advanced web security tool BitNinja.

BitNinja gives your site protection from other cyber threats like DDoS and brute force attacks, malware and spyware. Apart from BitNinja, you’ll also have access to SpamAssassin which helps you keep spam out of your web mail.

4. Is Hostinger fast?

Hostinger’s page load speeds are generally less than a second with loading times ranging between 300ms to 700+ ms which is well above the borderline needed to improve conversions on your website. This makes Hostinger very fast.

5. Can you cancel Hostinger at any time?

While you can cancel your Hostinger subscription at any time, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a refund on your subscription. Hostinger has a lot of clauses that make it quite challenging to get a partial or full refund of your initial spend back .

6. Which Hostinger plan is best?

This depends entirely on your business goalsexperience levelbudget as well as the kind of website you’re looking to build. For people completely new to owning a website or just experimenting with building an online presence, then shared hosting will be the best choice.

Shared hosting is budget-friendly and allows you to build your site traffic up on a budget. If your site is built on WordPress, it’s worth considering WordPress hosting for a more optimal site performance.

Once you’ve built up site traffic, you can now move to either VPS hosting or cloud hosting. Choose VPS hosting if you need full control of your server and its resources or have a content-heavy site that allows downloads.

Cloud hosting is ideal for medium to large businesses that handle lots of transactions, visitors or subscribers per day.

7. How can I migrate my website to Hostinger?

To migrate your site to Hostinger, you’ll need to first sign up for a hosting account with Hostinger. Then you can either request migration during set up or go to their Migration requests page to fill out a request for migration form.

On the form, simply state the kind of control panel you’re looking to migrate from e. G. cPanel, FTP or WordPress.

Add any necessary account details for migration and simply click submit. Hostinger’s migration team will handle everything else and send you an email once the process is complete.

The Bottomline: Should You Buy It?

Hostinger offers an impressive choice of hosting plans that are competitively priced and loaded with powerful features. It’s a great beginner-friendly option for first-time website owners and works great for more experienced site owners and growing businesses. 

Ultimately, your business goals and budget should determine which hosting platform you choose in the long run.

But if you’re looking for speed, affordability, knowledgeable and friendly customer support or even custom hosting for Minecraft, then Hostinger is worth trying out.

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