Pilot Payroll Management Software Review

by zdiarbiz

Review of Pilot 2021: Check out this comprehensive review of the software to find out the most important features including pricing plans, integrations and much many more.

What’s Pilot Payroll Management Software?

Pilot Cloud is an online system which allows businesses to manage managing their employee payroll. Users can streamline their compliance and benefits management for teams that are international.

It provides a range of features that will make it much easier to pay employees from abroad. Employers can effortlessly join and pay employees from abroad via this secure cloud platform.

Contractors can be paid from more than 180 nations with the most competitive exchange rate, without any marking up. Foreign contractors can benefit from the same benefits that employees do of the U.S.

The tool tackles the most important issues like tax withholding, employment documents and much more.

Vendor Information

  • Company: Pilot
  • Website: https://pilot.co/
  • Origin of the country: United States of America

Pilot Key Features

  • Pay

Customers can make payments to their contractors abroad by just a click. You can make international payments without the need to pay charges for wires. It has all the tools needed to ensure that paying your workforce across the globe is just the same as paying staff within the U.S.

The platform also accepts local currency transactions and bank transfers to around 70 different countries. Additionally, all transactions are sent directly to the bank account of the contractor without the hassle of fees for withdrawals of an ewallet.

  • Hiring

It is possible to hire international talent without having to set up local businesses. Users can simplify their hiring process making the platform an employer-of-record. The platform handles compliance with benefits, payroll, and compliance for employers.

Increase your capacity to hire and bring on employees from over 130 countries, without any hurdles. The platform handles the filing of tax returns for payroll as well as pension contribution and other essential requirements.

Keep employee records in one location and take advantage of the already built expense management feature to manage expense reimbursements.

  • Conformity

The tool is able to automatically collect the tax documents from contractors. It is also able to handle mandatory tax filings for employees. It stores and collects W-8 and W-9 documents from team members. It will also prepare and file 1099 for your business.

Pilot allows you to develop national-specific intellectual property and classification laws. Additionally, the program facilitates the process of join your international workers with localized contracts.

  • Security

The security layering process is multi-layered and ensures that the data is secure. Pilot relies on licensed banks to process payments. Each business that uses Pilot is scrutinized in the onboarding process to confirm their identity.

Pilot Features Overview

  • Management of benefits
  • Management of compliance
  • Direct deposit
  • Document management
  • Management of compensation
  • Employee database
  • Profiles of employees
  • Mult-state
  • Payroll management
  • Outsourcing of payroll
  • Tax compliance
  • Tracking vacations
  • Self-service portal

Pilot Pricing

See Pilot’s pricing options for contractors and employees below.


Price: $29 per month/contractor


  • 70+ local currencies
  • Locally-compliant contractors
  • Health insurance available
  • Payments across 180+ countries


Price: $699 per month/employee


  • Employ talent from over 130 countries
  • No setup costs
  • Locally legal contracts
  • There is no need to establish local entities.

Pilot Cons and Pros


  • The platform features a sophisticated user interface that is simple, intuitive,, and attractive user interface (UI).
  • The customer service team is accommodating.
  • It is easy to add and delete accounts in banks.
  • It is easy to employ contractors or employees from all over the globe since the tool considers tax implications as well as the regulatory landscape prior to making a decision to hire them.
  • It is among the most effective platforms for helping companies operating offshore in paying their contractors.


  • It’s not easy to include a contractor and pay them instantly either in the current or the next cycle.
  • The time gap between the when a contractor is hired and the time to pay them may be annoying.
  • There is no feature that lets users search for the contractors who have been dismissed.
  • Payroll cannot be generated automatically and the payments scheduled cannot be redesigned
  • Set up of an account might take longer than you would like.

Pilot Integrations

Information is not accessible.

Special Pilot Features

Free Trial: No

Free Version: No


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-based

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based


  • Live streaming
  • Webinars
  • Documentation
  • Videos

Typical Customers Who Would Mostly Subscribe

  • Small-sized businesses
  • Medium businesses
  • Large companies

Pilot pricing plans

  • Contractors: $29 per month/contractor
  • Employees: $699 per month/contractor

Languages supported

  • English

Pilot support

  • Email
  • Knowledge base
  • Telephone support
  • Chat

The Bottomline

Pilot allows you to effortlessly onbiard and pay your international employees and contractors from all over the world, on all-in-one secure software. Receive benefits, payroll and compliance for remote teams. Learn more about Pilot.co on their main website.

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